July 2012, Bloomfield , NJ

Well that took a while didn’t it? After juggling the demands of a full-time job and grad school, I am back in action! Thank you to all who sent me encouraging emails during my hiatus. I spruced up the website if you haven’t noticed. What do you think? The image in the header is me. My brother created it. Anyways, enough of my chatter. Back to thrifting!

Treasure Hunt Consignment Shop (Formerly known as Sandi’s Consignment Shop)

I haven’t been to this consignment shop in a while. I was surprised to see that it was under new management and had  a new name. Back in July of 2010 I blogged about Sandi’s Consignment Shop and I am happy to say, it is still the same gem in 2012 as it was back then.

Immediately upon arrival I found the final gem waiting for me outside in the glistening sunlight:

It was so lightweight, I could lift it without a problem. Here is Steve carrying it away. So what is it you wonder?

A vintage cedar wood storage chest! In like-new condition. An excellent find for only  $18!

It opens up to a deep cedar wood chest.  It looks like it was never -very lightly used!

I grabbed it right away! I even got a history lesson on it during the drive back home from Lorraine. She told me that “back in the day” people would store their winter clothes in cedar wood chests to keep the moths from munching on them in the warm weather seasons.  I don’t know if I am going to use it to store my purses or store my winter comforters.

Some more cutesy items I found at Treasure Chest Consignment Shop:

$5 bracelet.

Contact storage case. And a square hamburger picture. I collect images with these exact dimensions to hang on the wall in my kitchen. I’ll take a picture next time to show you.

If you are in the Bloomfield , NJ area. You should definitely stop by this consignment shop!

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It’s been a while

I must admit, I haven’t logged on to my blog in so long that I forgot my password. It’s been almost a year since my last blog update so I do apologize for the neglect. While I have been visiting thrift shops (not as frequent due to an over accumulation of clothes) I haven’t been documenting my finds. I’ll start again very soon. So stay tuned.

In other thrifting news, I’m pretty excited about one top I had stored in my closet for over a year but only recently wore. It’s an authentic vintage cropped sequined butterfly top and boy is it heavy!

I recently noticed that stores like Forever 21 are selling a re-make, cheapy version of the original style. I believe I paid 10 dollars for this top. Don’t be fooled by the imitations. Go digging in your local thrift shop for authentic vintage!

100% Silk and straight from the 70’s disco era! The picture on the right is me donning my disco duds. The picture below is the faux vintage that Forever 21 is selling. I shop at Forever 21 but I prefer the thrill of searching for dusty old vintage gems.

If you visit this blog and like it please leave a comment as it inspires me to update it more rather than allow it to collect dust.

Faux vintage:

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2/23/11 Delray Beach/Boynton Beach, FL

Thrifting Menu
Bethesda Bargain Box
Goodwill Industries Delray
Goodwill Industries Boynton



Bethesda Bargain Box

12 N.E. 5th Ave.
Delray Beach, FL 33483

This thrift shop is situated in a really cute area of downtown Delray. The shops in Delray are rather expensive in the downtown area so I soon realized that any thrift shop found in this area would be just as expensive.

The shop is small but very clean and well organized. Steve commented that “It actually smells like a real store and not a musty closet” oh hush Steve. But there is a ring of truth to Steve’s observation. The Bethesda Bargain Box seems to pride themselves on the cleanliness and like-new condition of their items and the prices most definitely reflect that.

The items in the store seem to be targeting Florida’s elderly population as most of the clothes were clothes that grandma’s and grandpa’s everywhere would find fashionable.

What really struck me was the two real mink coats that were for sale. One was being sold for a whopping $900!  I’m sure this would make PETA boil with anger. I couldn’t help feel a twinge of anger over the fact that multiple innocent animals were slaughtered to make an ugly (yet soft) coat but now the coat was being re-sold in some thrift shop for a price that no one would likely buy it for.

This thrift shop seems more of an antique shop and if you know me, you know I stay away from anything which calls itself, “Antique Shop.” That usually means really expensive prices. I like to find my own antiques, sifting for them through the rubble as one sifts for gold buried in the sand. I don’t like my antiques polished , displayed, and adorned with a hefty price tag. What’s the fun in that?

Anyways, if you like your antiques spoon fed to you on a silver platter then you will like this store. If not for their antiques, perhaps for their board games, sophisticated clothes/shoes, expensive fur coats, or a glimpse at the creepy mannequin in the police outfit who greets you with a suspicious countenance as you enter the store.

Needless to say, I left this shop the same way I came in–empty handed. Here are some pictures to take a glimpse inside.





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Goodwill Industries Thrift Store
1640 N. Federal Hwy.
Delray Beach, FL 33483

Goodwill saves the day! I can always count on The Goodwill and The Salvation Army thrift shop to give me a real thrifting experience. Man, do I love these stores. I am usually a Salvation Army girl but going to the Goodwill shops in Florida have reminded me just how better maintained they are than their “competitor.”

First of all, the outside of this thrift shop really caught my fancy. The design and architecture reminds me of some sort of 60’s wedding chapel or catering hall. Externally speaking , it’s very unlike any Goodwill store that I’ve ever seen.

Walking inside I noticed a really pretty tube dress on one of the mannequins but didn’t dare to ask for it as from my experience the clothing on the mannequin is rarely removed for the customer. I assume it takes a lot of time and effort from the thrift shops visual display team to match those purple shoes with that purple dress and removing either display item will mess up the whole “look” of the store. BLAH!

Maybe it’s a Florida thing but the jeans in the two Goodwilll’s I’ve been to out here are displayed in such a way that you can easily read their brand and size. I appreciate it.

I didn’t find any jeans that could fit me but I suppose I can live vicariously through my size 1 younger sister. I purchased her these pristine white express jeans:

What I reallllly loved about this thrift shop is their shoe collection. Now some people may be weary about buying used shoes. You just have to use your judgement–like with everything else thrifting. I’m somewhat of a germaphobe but there are some germs I willingly allow into my life, like the germs from other people’s resold property. This store has a really nice shoe selection. I really liked their sandals and was about to purchase 3 pairs but I talked myself out of the other 2 at the register.

I settled on buying these interesting white sandals with a wedged heel:

And this cute shirt:

More Images



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Goodwill Industries
9764 S Military Trl # 2,
Boynton Beach, FL

I’ve come to the conclusion that the Goodwill stores in Florida are much more organized than the ones in NYC and NJ. Just like the Goodwill I went to earlier in the day, this Goodwill had everything neatly organized. Upon entering the store I was greeted by a neatly displayed table of books. My heart skipped a beat when I saw a copy of Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle:
The geek in me shrieked with delight. This copy was in mint condition, could it be an original? I thought to myself. Needless to say my hopes at scoring an original historic document were shattered when I realized it was a facsimile of the original print (as I was waiting on the long checkout line). Bummer. And to think, I wasted all of that time teaching Steve about the history of investigative journalism,  Muckraking and Upton Sinclair all in the middle of a thrift shop in Florida.

I ended up purchasing a like-new stainless steal pan, a portable filing cabinet , and a cat book.

Here’s a glimpse inside the place:

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1/29/2011 Oneonta, NY

The Salvation Army
105 Main Street
Oneonta, NY 13820

Happy New Year! Steve and I did a little upstate, NY roadtrip one weekend and what is a road trip upstate without a stop in Oneonta, NY? I got my undergrad degree from this school and loved it so much that I usually jump at any chance to go revisit this bustling college town. When I was a student living on Main street I was literally 2 blocks away from this thrift shop. I literally decorated my entire apartment with my findings from the thrift shop. I would go every day after class and see if they had a small but cute enough couch that could comfortable fit in the living room section of my rather large studio apartment. I would scope out pictures to hang on my wall and just about any other decorations I could find for my first apartment ever.


I’ve always known this thrift shop to be full of vintage collectibles. I still remember the day that they had an entire box of old Archie comics for sale. I was being cheap so I didn’t even buy one but I sort of regret it now.

I ended up spending 65 dollars on this particular day. While I wont post everything I bought (most of it being picture frames and slacks for work) I will post  some of the more noteworthy gems.

I really like these and I really needed wine glasses.


Brand new glasses. Excellent quality. $3.99

These were around  $3.00 each. They are going to look so cute in my kitchen.


This thrift store is a haven for doll collectors and any collectors of vintage items. They have a ton of vintage dolls and vintage books.


A glimpse at other items:


You will definitely find good items if you go to this thrift shop. College kids are always donating their clothes which makes for a rather up-to-date clothing selection. They have a small amount of furniture. It’s very organized, well kept, and full of items. Happy thrifting!

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12/31/2010 Las Vegas, Nevada

Changing Directions Thrift Shop
2538 East Charleston Boulevard,
Las Vegas, NV

So my Las Vegas vacation was coming to an end and I was starting to feel rather anxious that I had not gone thrifting yet. With a little persuading and bargaining, Steve finally agreed to take me to a thrift shop.

Walking around this thrift shop reminded me at times of rummaging through a hoarder’s basement, searching through a hoarder’s garage sale, and playing in my grandmother’s closet.
Only a true thrifter would appreciate a store like this. Needless to say Steve did not appreciate this store and frequently commented on how it smelled like someone’s basement.

They have 2 big rooms on the ground level full of brick a brac, paintings, coats, furniture, and other miscellaneous items. Upstairs is where they have their clothes, socks (yes used socks), and bags.

Beware of the bin of used socks on the 2nd floor.

Their shoe selection

Bags for days

They also have an outside area in the back of the store which reminded me of some sort of hoarders garage sale.
Used and aged board games outside:

The view of the outside area from the book truck (yes a truck with books and paintings in it):

I wouldn’t go there for anything except purses, collectibles, and , brick a brac. I found a lot of really nice paintings, pictures, and home decor items. If this place was in NYC or Jersey I would have surely purchased some cute items for my home like these cute ceramic cups:

And these cute pictures:

Other items that caught my eye:

Unfortunately, I did not purchase anything from this thrift shop. There was many to purchase but I had to be very selective as I didn’t want to bring too much on that long flight to NYC.

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11/26 Richmond, Virginia

8018 West Broad Street
Richmond, VA

What better way to kick off the Christmas shopping season than going into a thrift shop? Well, I’m sure most people can think of a laundry list of places they would prefer to be but for me Goodwill it is!

I am no stranger to thrift shops in Virginia but I haven’t been to one since I was around 12-years-old. Lets just say that the Goodwill store I chose welcomed me in with open arms.

I left this store with a bag full of great items.

I really love the retro look of this jacket. $4.99

Forever 21 denim jeans. $6.00

Since I am a traveling girl, it was only right that I purchase this large travel bag. It is the perfect carry on size.

I purchased 3 pairs of wedges. I know it’s not summer but I couldn’t pass up this steal on sandals! They are in such good condition. J. Crew (black) , Banana Republic (brown), and Xhiliration (red).

After taking these photos I realized just how much I need a pedicure. I made use of my photo editing privileges and blurred out as much of my toes as possible. Shame on me!

J. Crew wedges $10.00

Banana Republic. $4.00

Xhiliration (never heard of them). $4.00

I purchased this oversized Mouse because I thought it would help me play Bejeweled better. It has the opposite effect.

Like most Goodwill stores, this Goodwill is very well organized and clean. Their prices are very reasonable. Their strong point is their home decor items. They have such a lovely assortment of picture frames, plate sets, desks, chests, and many more. They are weak in the toy department as they don’t have one at all. I asked the associate about this and she said that they usually receive toys around Christmas time. That’s odd because every Goodwill I go to has a toy section. I guess they choose not to have one unless the public demand is at its most high. I can’t blame them. Toys suck.

































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I haven’t been thrifting lately. I guess I have been overwhelmed with work and life in general. I am thinking of going tomorrow as it is “Family Day” which means half off of most tags.

This past weekend I went bowling and I must say I was killing it in my Salvation Army shirt. I purchased this from the thrift shop in Jersey City. I just never got around to taking a pic of it. Whenever I wear this shirt I get compliments.