June 30th 2010 Bronx, NY

There were 3 reasons I went to the Salvation Army today.

  1. I was in the area on business
  2. Today is Family Day at my fave Salvation Army (which means 50% off most tickets).
  3. I wanted to see if I could find any cute items for my Las Vegas trip tomorrow.

Yes, I am leaving for Las Vegas tomorrow and decided to get in one last thrifting expedition before I leave on a jet plane. I spent 45 minutes inside and found a few decent items and one gem–a nice travelers bag. I have an obsession with airline travel bags. I have been collecting them since High School. Unfortunately, I tend to wear them so much that they get worn out pretty fast. They’re usually made of a plastic material so they wear and tear pretty easily. I am very happy with the one I found today.


My all time favorite travel bag is a Trafalgar Tours bag that was brand new (travel bags are usually brand new when you find them in thrift shops).

The bag is blue with the above colorful rainbow-like logo on it. It’s pretty worn now but I have received numerous compliments on it. People have offered to buy it from me. Who knew Trafalgar tour bags were in such demand?

I saw a slew of interesting shirts but I didn’t buy them. Sometimes shirts are so weird I have to take pictures.

Sings: “She’s my favorite girl/She bought me in this world/You only get one, you only get one. .  .” (I hope I got the lyrics right)


That’s nice.

The first and only drive-in theater I have ever been to is in Warwick , New York. Steve and I saw the remake of , “The Last House on the Left.” I found this shirt amusing for that very reason:

I saw an Asian-domino-like game for $4.00. It looked pretty cool. If anyone can tell me what game this is I’d appreciate it.

I love all things Asian. I was tempted to purchase the following pretty gem but I’m a little superstitious about buying things that I don’t understand. For all I know this can be some sort of Asian voodoo relic (whatever that is). I asked my Cambodian friend what  these two Asian items were but she didn’t know. Shame on me for assuming she would know just because she’s Asian. It was worth a shot!

It sort of looks like some type of award. Award or Voodoo, it’s still nice to look at and I am kind of regretting not purchasing it.

Back to my purchases–I am a spiritual person so I like the message of the following shirt. I also like the design. I’m a fan of shirts that are designed like this. What is this design called? Softball style? I don’t know but I like it.


Something about Galatians 5:13.  If someone knows what that’s about, enlighten me!

Back in my early days of thrifting I had about 3 Clarkstown summer/day camp shirts. For some reason Clarkstown loves donating these shirts to my Salvation Army. I haven’t purchased one in years. I was pretty happy when I found one and decided to purchase it.


I have never really been too interested in the Gaucho style but when I saw a brand new pair of Gaucho’s in my size I just had to buy them.


These shorts are brand new. Not sure if I will wear them outside. They are cute nevertheless. They will serve me well as boxers.


Me modeling some of my finds.

Here is one of my recent gems. I purchased this at a Salvation army around/near Pompton, NJ. It has a 60’s Native American feel to it.

After a day of thrifting it’s very important to eat!


A hearty meal for two: Beef Stew with white rice and chicken with yellow rice. Both dishes come with a cup of beans. Who doesn’t love a nice hot cup of red beans? The chicken dish even comes with a free drink! You can’t beat that.


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