7/2 Las Vegas, NV

I must admit I was thrilled to get started on my thrifting adventures in Sin City. The first day I touched ground in Las Vegas I spotted a Goodwill on our way to In N Out Burger. I couldn’t wait to go! I had never been to Sin City so I didn’t know what to expect in the Las Vegas thrift shops. My thrifty mind was racing with a barrage of questions about the Goodwill. Would there be slot machines to use? Perhaps an all you can eat buffet somewhere in the back? Will they offer wedding service at a discounted price? After a day of anticipation, Steve finally drove me to the Goodwill.

31 North Nellis Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV‎

Nothing really super about this Goodwill store. The answer to all of my prior questions was a resounding, “NO.” The store was, for the most part, well-organized but it left a lot to be desired. In general, the good thing about Goodwill is that they tend to sell a lot of brand new items.

Like this tower of toilet paper.

And this assortment of plungers.

And these slippers.

The above slippers were $2.99. Buy one get one free. I am not a fan of these style of slippers but hey I am in Vegas…what happens here stays here and so shall these slippers.

I have cute feet.

The only thing that I found worth purchasing were the above slippers. The store definitely has a good selection of picture frames, toys, books, VHS tapes, and toilet paper but I am in Vegas…I’m not here to buy toilet paper. I was extra picky when shopping today because I didn’t want to haul too much back to NYC.

Look who I found in the toys aisle.

It really is Sin City.

Lady of the night shoes.

Vegas Stripper shoes circa 1990?

Ok, I feel guilty. Here is some holiness to clean up this post a bit:

Lady Guadalupe. Nice picture for only  $17.99.

A pile of bags. It looked very promising. I just knew I would find one travelers bag underneath the pile or rubbish.

Unfortunately, I didn’t find one decent travelers bag. What a disappointment Las Vegas.

Me in my element.

As always , you have to nourish yourself after thrifting.

Let us thank the heavens for Italian food.


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20-something-years-old. Professional thrifter by way of passion. NYC resident.
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