7/6/10 Las Vegas, NV

Wow, I had a thrifting bonanza today! I managed to go to 3 thrift shops. I must admit by the third one I was , “over it.” I did score some good finds. I have the most patient and supportive boyfriend in the world. He not only drove me to each of the thrift shops but he also took pictures for me. God bless him. It’s important that I tell you that I do not know how to drive. I guess this is one of the disadvantages of taking mass transportation all of your life. In NYC it’s not at all uncommon for people to go their entire lives without ever driving. Anyways, this is why my boyfriend drives me to and from thrift shops outside of NYC. This blog would not be what it is without my Stevie. BIG THANKS TO YOU STEVE.

The 3 thrift shops I attended today:
The Salvation Army
Charleston Outlet

The first thrift shop I went to today was my favorite chain thrift shop, “The Salvation Army.”

The Salvation Army Thrift Shop

801 N. Lamb Blvd.
Las Vegas , NV 89104

Old and dusty. Those two adjectives sufficiently describe this store. Steve compared it to the Salvation Army in Pompton, NJ which is not a good thing at all. Steve swears that it smells like, “bad feet” in this store. I didn’t smell anything but that could be due to the fact that I am used to the smell of old clothes. Still, I’ve been to some funky smelling thrift shops and this one was not funky smelling to me.

To add insult to injury their credit card machine was broken so being that I only had $10 dollars in cash on me , I couldn’t spend more even if I wanted to. Luckily I didn’t. The closest I came to wanting to buy something was when I saw a vintage winter scarf.

After trying it on and inspecting it I opted to just leave it in the store. I like my winter scarves big and insulating. This seemed to be more of a man’s scarf. The kind that a man would throw over his neck when he is wearing a fine suit jacket.

I wasn’t in the mood to sift through a bunch of boring shirts just for the possibility of finding one gem so I didn’t buy any clothing items. Kids beware: their toy section is bare! On the bright side,  and  they have an entire shopping cart filled with VHS cassette tapes for $1.00 each.

I like finding old vinyl records of legendary singers. There’s something about seeing an actual vinyl record of an artist in their prime. It takes me back to a time before my time.

Dionne Warwick-And to think I first heard of her due to her connection with the Psychic Network.

Something tells me that if you owned this couch in the late 80’s-early 90’s then you were most definitely ballin.

Some cute  pictures that I didn’t buy :

I like Unicorns

I also like medieval art.

Map of a part of Italy.

I would’ve purchased these tablets but one of them had a broken hook. Come to think of it I should’ve purchased them anyway. They were only a few cents each.

It’s so true.   . .

This is pretty.

Steve wanted me to put this up. The greatest of all time, Michael Jordan.

I can just imagine someone buying this and taking it home only to hear it playing by itself in the middle of the night.

Some cute bric a brac that I didn’t buy:

This container has an oriental feel to it.

One thing I did like about this Salvation Army was that it had a good selection of purses. I used to be a big fan of clutch bags and even collected them when I was in H.S. They had quite a few clutch bags that would make me water at the mouth if this was 9 years ago.

Interesting hats:

Merry! Xmas!

I like mesh hats.

This store had a lot of brand new shoes for $5.00

They also have brand new kitchen items all for $1.00 but they’re the kind that you will find in a .99 store anyway.

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Savers Thrift Store
1100 E. Charleston Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89104

I initially avoided going to Savers due to the reviews I read online. There were plenty of people complaining about the prices being, “too high.” If there is one thing I hate it’s when someone sells used clothing for expensive prices. Steve and I were on our way to Charleston Outlets when we passed Savers. Since it was on the way we decided to go there before the Charleston Outlets Thrift Shop.

The outside of the store looks different from most thrift shops. It is more clean, polished, and inviting. One can easily enter Savers and not even know they are entering a thrift shop. Once inside, I realized that I had reached the Holy Grail of thrift shops. This was similar to a Goodwill in prices and cleanliness/organization but oh so much better!

This store is extremely organized. It’s so organized that they have sizes in different sections so you don’t have to sift through a bunch of clothes not in your size. Their clothing is like new. I am convinced that they meticulously go over any donations and only accept the best items. Anything else likely is given to the Charleston Outlet Thrift Shop right down the street.  Think of this place as a Marshalls for thrifters.

This is the kind of thrift shop that you can spend hours in and come out with a cart load full of like-new items.

I spent $30 dollars total on the following  6 items:

Two pairs of shorts.

I am not crazy about the fit of these but they’re good for a more professional look.

My little short shorts. Pristine white too.

4 tops. They had so many cute tops. I didn’t want to get too crazy so after discarding half of the items in my shopping cart, I settled on these:

I really like the beads on this shirt.

This shirt has a classy look to it.

It’s an outfit!

This shirt reminds me of the Grinch who stole Christmas.

Crayon box ammunition.

Savers has a ton of well-organized home decor items. These reefs were plentiful.

My boyfriend wanted me to get a flat iron. Flat irons are something you want to spend big bucks on (Chi Iron or Sedu) and get brand new so I politely declined his suggestion.

Vinyl records by the great ones:

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Charleston Outlet

Charleston Outlet
1548 E Charleston Blvd
Las Vegas, Nevada 89104

I will start by saying something good about this thrift shop–it donates a portion of its proceeds to Vietnam Vets (source:thriftshopper.com). In case you were unaware, most thrift shops donate to  charity so not only are you saving a buck but you are helping out those in need.

This place reminds me of a Salvation Army thrift shop. It has that dusty feel to it. This was the last thrift store stop for the day and I had just shopped at Savers so I wasn’t even in the mood to thrift when I entered this store.

Unfortunately, the thing I loved the most about this thrift shop, I didn’t take pictures of. They had a really cool collection of vintage leather jackets. The jackets started at around $30.00. I love vintage leather jackets and would have definitely purchased one if it wasn’t 100 degrees outside. Steve had my camera so I wasn’t even thinking about taking pictures. I just wanted to pay for my two items and leave.

I purchased the following items:

This is a nice bowl for my cat, Pinky. It cost me 75 cents.

I found a nice blazer to wear on days when I want to look sophisticated. It cost me $5.00.

The total for this outfit: $15.00. All second-hand items.

Another good thing about Charleston Outlet is its prices. Everything was very affordable. I think they could have brought the price of the vintage leathers down a bit being that it is so hot in Las Vegas during the summer but I am positive you can flip the price x 3 if you were to sell any of those leathers in a vintage shop in NYC.

Charleston Outlet has a very good selection of suitcases; however, its clothing selection left a lot to be desired.

Most blouses were less than two dollars but they were the kind of blouses that an old lady would wear while at the Texas Station Casino smoking up 2 packs of cigarettes as she sips on her whiskey and spends her Social Security check playing Keno.

Their purse selection:

As always, I had to nourish myself after such a lengthy thrifting experience! Jack in the Box–Spicy Chicken Sandwich w/seasoned Curly Fries. Yeah, Yeah, I know it’s not healthy but I am going on a diet as soon as I get back to the east coast. Besides, I have never eaten at a Jack in the box (never seen one in the Tri-State Area). When on vacation you have to eat the foods native to the land that you are in. Rattlesnake soup was out of the question so I settled on Jack in the Box.It was so good!

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