7/8/10 Las Vegas, NV

Goodwill Thrift Shop
3345 E. Tropicana Ave.
Las Vegas , NV 89121

This was a very unexpected thrifting experience. Steve and I were making a mad dash to reach the Fedex drop off box by 6:00 p.m. We made it! As we were on our way home Steve took a different direction. “This is not the direction we took when we were getting here” I said worried that we would get lost. Steve had it all under control, “I am going to take Tropicana home.”  As if the thrifting Gods were smiling down on us, the roads parted and a thrift store appeared. I asked Steve if we could stop there and he agreed. BLESS HIM.

This store is very clean! That’s the first thing I noticed. No dusty smell here. Things are also organized pretty well which is very helpful. They have a decent selection of everything here. Including bikes!

I paid $14.00 for the following 4 items:

Flower dress

This dress looks much better with a belt of some sort underneath the bra area. The belt gives the dress a more defined look as opposed to fitting like a potato sack. I didn’t have a belt out here in Vegas so I took the string to a black scarf of mine and tied it under the bra area.A cute black skirt.
This item was brand new when I purchased it (original tag is still on).

“Softball” shirt.
I still don’t know what the official name for this style of shirt is but I always appreciate adding a new one to my collection.

A porcelain cat.
This cat has sentimental value to me. For my 5th grade graduation, my dad gave me a neatly wrapped gift box while we were all having pizza after the graduation ceremony.
I couldn’t contain my excitement as I opened the gift box while still chewing the pizza in my mouth. What I found nestled inside was a porcelain orange tabby cat.

I was disappointed–what am I going to do with a glass cat? I thought to myself. I pretended I was happy to receive the gift. About 2 years later my dad passed away and the only thing I still have that he ever bought me is the orange porcelain tabby cat. Somehow one of the legs broke off but it’s still standing. It’s still a reminder of my dad’s love for me. I look at the cat and think of him and a love that was showered upon me more than a decade ago. This cat is very similar to the cat my dad bought me. That’s the reason I bought it.

This Goodwill had a lot of brand new items (this seems to be a trend amongst Goodwills).
Like this bin of toothbrushes.

I love me some oriental designs!
I actually have glass bowls like this. These bowls were plastic and smaller than mine aka cheaper.

They had a lot of bags! Bags for days! Bags in all kinds of ways.

Steve really liked these purses and wanted me to get one. I didn’t. We hardly ever agree on things as you may notice.

I like this bag.

Viva Las Vegas!

Wall art.

Gimme back that filet o’fish/Gimme that fish. .  .

You know I always look out for the kids. They have a ton of toys and board games, many of them are brand new.

Very presidential.

Very funny.

I thought this was a cool book for artistic heads.

Remember these guys? Someone obviously wanted to forget them.

I don’t even know what was in that box. Was it a puzzle? It wasn’t  in the record section and I can’t remember if it was a record album or not.

I don’t know who this guy is but he’s very Vegas.

Think Las Vegas has a drinking problem?

Here is a throwback gem that I found about a month ago at my fave thrift shop in the Bronx. It’s a multi-colored necklace. I love costume jewelry and this has become a favorite piece of mine.


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20-something-years-old. Professional thrifter by way of passion. NYC resident.
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2 Responses to 7/8/10 Las Vegas, NV

  1. gurlgonegeek says:

    I need to go thirft shopping with you! Great finds!

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