7/10/2010 Las Vegas, NV

Today was a premeditated thrift day. We started by going to a casino and then after that we went on down to the St. Jude Women’s Auxiliary thrift shop. In an unexpected twist of events, we went to the Opportunity Village thrift shop right after since it was only about 3 minutes away.

Thrift Shops of the day:
St. Jude Women’s Auxiliary
Opportunity Village Thrift Shop

St. Jude Women’s Auxiliary
1717 E. Charleston Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89104

You wouldn’t judge a book by its cover so don’t judge a thrift shop by its store front. This thrift shop is so cute!  Steve actually said it’s his favorite one that we’ve been to so far. Why is it his favorite? Well, for starters it doesn’t have that musty smell that is prevalent in thrift shops.  It also lives up to its name as it has a lot of good buys. The employees (all elderly women) are very nice which is always a pleasure. The setting is, “comfortable and cozy” (Steve’s words) and the prices are very good.

Steve bought the following items for $9.75 total:

Steve is a huge fan of this book series so he was in motivational-speaker-heaven when he found an audio version. He is the type of guy who listens to motivational audio books while driving since he spends a good portion of his life behind the wheel.

This tennis racket was only $3.00 and in like-new condition! I mean the only wear on it was the handle. I am going to try to get into tennis since it seems to be the only sports I have a chance of beating Steve at.

This Vegas souvenir was only $1.75. They had a bunch of these travel cases–all brand new. Inside is a pair of black socks, a travel toothbrush, and eye patches for sleeping. I am going to give it to my little sister.

This shop had a few wedding dresses on display in case anyone wants to elope I suppose. Steve’s dad thought it would be a funny idea if Steve and I purchased wedding attire and took a picture in front of a chapel and then sent it off to everyone we know.

Something I notice about thrift shops in Vegas is that they all seem to have  porcelain dolls on display for sale. I found some of these dolls at St. Jude’s to be extra creepy.

They give off a very “Demonic Toys” vibe.

Like this one for example,

Did I say “Demonic Toys”? I meant, “Puppet Master.

Did I scare you? Sorry. You may find these less creepy.

Suddenly I feel like watching the movie, “Dolls

In less scarier news, this thrift shop resembled a little vintage boutique. The ladies who work here must have been doing this for years because the set up of certain sections was  relatively elegant and organized.

Wall Art

Wooden clogs!

I like this vintage seat. It reminds me of the kind you will find underneath a vanity mirror.This is the idea:

This must have weighed a ton. I can’t think of any use for this item except for being a paper weight. This thing was so heavy that I imagine it was designed to hold down paper during a tornado. I like the symbolism of the coyote in Native American culture. The coyote is often portrayed as a trickster. I like tricksters.

I think “devouring fungus” sufficiently describes the prevalence of technology in today’s world. This book was published in 1990. Besides a really cool cover and name, the author did a good job at predicting the internet/computer dependency in the years to come.

Old school hair dryer.Remember these guys?

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Opportunity Village
921 S. Main St.
Las Vegas, NV 89101

This store has to be one of the biggest thrift shops that I have ever had the pleasure of visiting. One look at the outside of the store and you get an idea of just how big this thrift shop is. I had to cross the street to  get a picture of it and even then I couldn’t get the whole storefront in one shot. I really wasn’t expecting this thrift shop to be this size.

When you first walk in you see a very large room filled with clothing and shoes. The shoes and purses are located in the back of the store. Despite the size of the store, I only purchased one item. Not that I didn’t want to purchase more but the items that I did want were in the home decor category and I didn’t want to haul them on the airplane back to NYC.

I purchased this red leather clutch purse for $1.00:

I am glad I found this clutch purse because I really needed a new purse. I was growing very tired of wearing my bulky brown purse . Conveniently, the only purse that I brought to Vegas with me.

I ended up wearing my flower Goodwill dress with my clutch bag for my last night in Vegas.  The bracelet that I am wearing in this pic was purchased from a Goodwill in Melbourne, Florida. It’s real silver and is an absolute beauty. I paid $6.00 for the bracelet which interestingly enough is the combined cost of my flower dress and my red leather clutch purse.

Steve purchased two wasp  traps since wasps tend to surround the pool area of his father’s backyard. We can’t get in the pool without wasps trying to take a dip. He purchased this trap for $1.00. He bought two of them and its about 3 days later and none of the traps have caught  any wasps. Figures.

I love this pair of vintage snow boots but Steve convinced me not to buy them.
What do you think?
They were in good condition inside as though they were rarely worn.
For these boots to find their home in Las Vegas, I imagine they haven’t been worn for decades.
They were my size too!

I must say in all of my years of thrifting, I have never been to a thrift shop that sells salad dressing.

A male mannequin with a female shirt on. Laughs.

I was oddly attracted to this shirt.More clutch bags!

Opportunity Village has more than 6 rooms of used items. Their items are , for the most part, in very good condition. Their store seems to focus more on home decor as they have about 5 rooms filled with furniture, bedding, paintings, kitchen ware, and more. This place is a dream for someone who just moved into a new place and is on a limited budget.

Their furniture is in excellent condition. And the visual presentation is better than I’ve seen in most thrift shops.

Another great thing about this thrift shop is that it has a very large selection of pictures.  Here are some of my favorites.

New York, NYCute.

Or not.In Vegas you can’t even avoid alcohol in thrift shops.

I was so tempted to buy this one.

Of course I had to eat immediately after such a thrifting experience!


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