7/17/2010 Bloomingdale, NJ

Sandi’s Consignment Shoppe

25 Main St
Bloomingdale, NJ 07403

This consignment boutique has easily become one of my favorite thrift shops to visit when I am in New Jersey. I can tell that the workers here only accept the finest items to sell in their store because one look inside and you can’t help but go deeper into the store to see what else Sandi has to offer. Half of her items are brand new so this place makes an excellent stop to buy affordable gifts for people.

I frequently go here to purchase gifts for others. There is also a very kind lady behind the counter who gift wraps BEAUTIFULLY. If you tell her the item you are purchasing is a gift she will allow you to select a wrapping paper and go to town wrapping your item. she even fashions it with a bow.

These items would make great gifts!

I usually go here and spend more than I had hoped due to their fine selection of toys, paintings, home decor items, ETC.  Today I played it safe. I only purchased a brand new game of Super Scrabble for $16.00.

I searched for the original price of it online and could not find it cheaper than $24.00 and that’s not including shipping and handling. Some websites are even selling this game for $35.00 so I got a huge discount by going to Sandi’s.

This game actually came in handy because that very night I attended a birthday party and bought this game along. Fun times were had by all!

Aside from Scrabble, there were a number of other brand new board games (Clue, Monopoly, & Pente)

I was contemplating getting this weight set to help me on my fitness journey but seeing as how Steve wasn’t with me to carry it out the car, I decided not to. The weight set costs $24.00 and just might still be there if anyone is interested.

Some people may feel that Sandi’s is too pricey for a thrift shop but I feel that their prices fit what they are selling. They sell items in like-new and brand-new condition so it’s only fair that their prices are a bit higher than what many thrifters are used to. I always go in there with the intention of just buying a few items but once I left with a receipt for $90 dollars spent!

Their clothing is not what attracts me to Sandi’s, although they usually have %50 off ticket sales, I am attracted to their gift items and bric-a-brac.

This is a nice hoodie:

A cute purse.

Warm and fuzzy:

They also have a great selection of wall art. I didn’t take as much pictures as I would have liked to. These pictures don’t do their selection justice. Behind the counter you will find a beautiful selection of pictures.

They have a superb collection of books and magazines. I have bought many books from here that have been in like-new condition.

I was surprised to find the Twilight series! This would have made an excellent gift.

Their toy selection is the best I’ve ever seen. I do most of my gift shopping for my younger nieces here as they always have brand-new toys to choose from at prices much more affordable than market value.

If you are in the northern New Jersey area, I highly recommend going to Sandi’s Consignment Shoppe. Tell them the Thristy Thrifter sent ya! (not really but it felt nice to say that)


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20-something-years-old. Professional thrifter by way of passion. NYC resident.
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