8/7/2010 Eatontown, NJ

The Maureen O’Brien Cats and Dogs Thrift Store
260 Wall Street
Eatontown, NJ 07724

What a cute thrift shop! The shop is small but very clean and well-organized. They have a great selection of books which all sell for $1.00. They also have lots of jewelry and home decor items. For such a small shop they have a lot to offer. Their prices are very affordable. It’s hard to go in and not find something to buy. What makes this shop even better is that all of the proceeds generated from sales go to helping the homeless animals at the SPCA shelter next door. What a good cause!

I paid $6.00 for the following items:

I am likely going to go back to school to major in administration so I definitely need to learn how to manage people. The JFK book is full of pictures of the day of his assassination and the 3 days that followed it. Jodie picked out the third book.

My JFK book came in handy when I went to the beach the next day!

I paid $3.00 for these shoes. I have plans for them.

A look inside:

Overall, a very lovely shop. A dollar spent there is a dollar that goes to the adorable cats, dogs, and bunnies in the shelter next door.


About thirstythrift

20-something-years-old. Professional thrifter by way of passion. NYC resident.
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2 Responses to 8/7/2010 Eatontown, NJ

  1. Michael says:

    Do alot of these thrift stores sell books?

  2. Every thrift store I’ve ever been to has a section for books. The books are always very low priced. It seems people love to give away books.

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