8/19/2010 Bronx, New York

The Salvation Army Family Store
2441 Boston Rd, Bronx, NY 10467

This is a very new Salvation Army. It opened up in July. I had high hopes for this store, I really did. Unfortunately, my hopes were shattered due to their high prices and low amount of desirable items. I went here with the Queen of thrifting, my mother, and even she was highly disappointed in this store. On the bright side, they are a new store so I’m sure in time they will step up their game.

Here are the items I purchased:

Years of being a fun-loving college student (and all that it entails) plus taking advantage of my high metabolism have caught up to me.  This is a really good book and is just the motivation I need to lose the belly fat.

A very cute and colorful small tray. I served Steve some tea on it and he said he feels like he’s on vacation in Tobago. I don’t know if he was being sarcastic or serious. His humor confuses me at times.

This is one of those things that I probably shouldn’t have purchased. I just thought it was cute but the truth is I have no use for it and now that I own it I really don’t see myself using it in the near future.

The handle is sort of worn but I really like this bag. It’s a clutch bag with a firm handle.

Other items you may fancy

This shop had a lot of good books and artwork which were two of there most redeeming qualities at the time that I visited.


About thirstythrift

20-something-years-old. Professional thrifter by way of passion. NYC resident.
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