11/26 Richmond, Virginia

8018 West Broad Street
Richmond, VA

What better way to kick off the Christmas shopping season than going into a thrift shop? Well, I’m sure most people can think of a laundry list of places they would prefer to be but for me Goodwill it is!

I am no stranger to thrift shops in Virginia but I haven’t been to one since I was around 12-years-old. Lets just say that the Goodwill store I chose welcomed me in with open arms.

I left this store with a bag full of great items.

I really love the retro look of this jacket. $4.99

Forever 21 denim jeans. $6.00

Since I am a traveling girl, it was only right that I purchase this large travel bag. It is the perfect carry on size.

I purchased 3 pairs of wedges. I know it’s not summer but I couldn’t pass up this steal on sandals! They are in such good condition. J. Crew (black) , Banana Republic (brown), and Xhiliration (red).

After taking these photos I realized just how much I need a pedicure. I made use of my photo editing privileges and blurred out as much of my toes as possible. Shame on me!

J. Crew wedges $10.00

Banana Republic. $4.00

Xhiliration (never heard of them). $4.00

I purchased this oversized Mouse because I thought it would help me play Bejeweled better. It has the opposite effect.

Like most Goodwill stores, this Goodwill is very well organized and clean. Their prices are very reasonable. Their strong point is their home decor items. They have such a lovely assortment of picture frames, plate sets, desks, chests, and many more. They are weak in the toy department as they don’t have one at all. I asked the associate about this and she said that they usually receive toys around Christmas time. That’s odd because every Goodwill I go to has a toy section. I guess they choose not to have one unless the public demand is at its most high. I can’t blame them. Toys suck.


































About thirstythrift

20-something-years-old. Professional thrifter by way of passion. NYC resident.
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