12/31/2010 Las Vegas, Nevada

Changing Directions Thrift Shop
2538 East Charleston Boulevard,
Las Vegas, NV

So my Las Vegas vacation was coming to an end and I was starting to feel rather anxious that I had not gone thrifting yet. With a little persuading and bargaining, Steve finally agreed to take me to a thrift shop.

Walking around this thrift shop reminded me at times of rummaging through a hoarder’s basement, searching through a hoarder’s garage sale, and playing in my grandmother’s closet.
Only a true thrifter would appreciate a store like this. Needless to say Steve did not appreciate this store and frequently commented on how it smelled like someone’s basement.

They have 2 big rooms on the ground level full of brick a brac, paintings, coats, furniture, and other miscellaneous items. Upstairs is where they have their clothes, socks (yes used socks), and bags.

Beware of the bin of used socks on the 2nd floor.

Their shoe selection

Bags for days

They also have an outside area in the back of the store which reminded me of some sort of hoarders garage sale.
Used and aged board games outside:

The view of the outside area from the book truck (yes a truck with books and paintings in it):

I wouldn’t go there for anything except purses, collectibles, and , brick a brac. I found a lot of really nice paintings, pictures, and home decor items. If this place was in NYC or Jersey I would have surely purchased some cute items for my home like these cute ceramic cups:

And these cute pictures:

Other items that caught my eye:

Unfortunately, I did not purchase anything from this thrift shop. There was many to purchase but I had to be very selective as I didn’t want to bring too much on that long flight to NYC.


About thirstythrift

20-something-years-old. Professional thrifter by way of passion. NYC resident.
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