1/29/2011 Oneonta, NY

The Salvation Army
105 Main Street
Oneonta, NY 13820

Happy New Year! Steve and I did a little upstate, NY roadtrip one weekend and what is a road trip upstate without a stop in Oneonta, NY? I got my undergrad degree from this school and loved it so much that I usually jump at any chance to go revisit this bustling college town. When I was a student living on Main street I was literally 2 blocks away from this thrift shop. I literally decorated my entire apartment with my findings from the thrift shop. I would go every day after class and see if they had a small but cute enough couch that could comfortable fit in the living room section of my rather large studio apartment. I would scope out pictures to hang on my wall and just about any other decorations I could find for my first apartment ever.


I’ve always known this thrift shop to be full of vintage collectibles. I still remember the day that they had an entire box of old Archie comics for sale. I was being cheap so I didn’t even buy one but I sort of regret it now.

I ended up spending 65 dollars on this particular day. While I wont post everything I bought (most of it being picture frames and slacks for work) I will post  some of the more noteworthy gems.

I really like these and I really needed wine glasses.


Brand new glasses. Excellent quality. $3.99

These were around  $3.00 each. They are going to look so cute in my kitchen.


This thrift store is a haven for doll collectors and any collectors of vintage items. They have a ton of vintage dolls and vintage books.


A glimpse at other items:


You will definitely find good items if you go to this thrift shop. College kids are always donating their clothes which makes for a rather up-to-date clothing selection. They have a small amount of furniture. It’s very organized, well kept, and full of items. Happy thrifting!


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20-something-years-old. Professional thrifter by way of passion. NYC resident.
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One Response to 1/29/2011 Oneonta, NY

  1. my mom went to school up there. this may be a reason to check out her Alma Mater!

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