Why Thrift?

Source: Wikipedia.

Why Thrift?

There are many reasons:

  • Thrifting is a Green practice involving the reuse, recycle, or re-style of a product and allows that product a longer life in its use thus diverting the product from a landfill.
  • More often than not, thrifting supports charity.
  • By definition of the noun, thrift, thrifting is a frugal practice that can bring significant savings to the thrifter.
  • Thrifting diverts mass market spending into a market of one-of-a-kinds and originals.
  • Socially speaking, thrifting is a lesson in the treasures a culture tosses and the junk people keep.
  • Thrifting provides cheap, local access to a variety of styles from many eras and trends related to alternative dress styles that are not widely available in certain areas or are only found at more expensive specialty shops.

Who Thrifts?

Thrifting lures a variety of different audiences. Two most commonly come to mind: 1) People who have no economic choice but to buy secondhand, 2) Bargain or treasure hunters. There is an emerging third audience and chances are it far outnumbers the first two. Simply put, this is an audience of smart shoppers comprised largely of families with a stay at home parent and young professionals. Their reasons for thrifting are a combination of the first two. Overall, these three groups thrift to save money because they have to or want to.

There is also a large population of people who thrift comprising members of alternative lifestyle and alternative fashion communities. This is sometimes due to related social issues associated with non-mainstream ideologies related to clothing(such as anti-logo, anti-mall sentiments) and/or due to the uniqueness and variety of product being offered versus common shopping centers.

With heightened environmental awareness, a new audience has come to thrift. The Eco-thrifter shops thrift stores because it is a finely tuned way to reduce one’s carbon footprint with shopping behavior. This form of supporting the environment has received little media attention. This group not only seeks to save money but also carbon points.


One Response to Why Thrift?

  1. Dalila says:

    money! Ask grandparents for books for bidtarhys and Christmas, keep an eye out at yard sales, and make regular trips to the thrift store and flea markets. One of our favorite family activities is going to Goodwill to look at books. a0I try to budget

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