8/20/10 Jersey City, New Jersey

The Salvation Army Family Center
248 Erie St
Jersey City, NJ 07310

The place has a very dusty smell/feel to it but my cousin swears by this store. She lives in the area and has shown me really lovely furniture that she has purchased. Specifically speaking, her beautiful antique vanity mirror and real oakwood wardrobe closet that she paid 20 dollars for. Although this store sells rusty pans (a pet peeve of mine) it is a must-see for furniture. Their clothing leaves a bit to be desired but they have a great selection of VHS tapes for those of you who still have VHS players.

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8/19/2010 Bronx, New York

The Salvation Army Family Store
2441 Boston Rd, Bronx, NY 10467

This is a very new Salvation Army. It opened up in July. I had high hopes for this store, I really did. Unfortunately, my hopes were shattered due to their high prices and low amount of desirable items. I went here with the Queen of thrifting, my mother, and even she was highly disappointed in this store. On the bright side, they are a new store so I’m sure in time they will step up their game.

Here are the items I purchased:

Years of being a fun-loving college student (and all that it entails) plus taking advantage of my high metabolism have caught up to me.  This is a really good book and is just the motivation I need to lose the belly fat.

A very cute and colorful small tray. I served Steve some tea on it and he said he feels like he’s on vacation in Tobago. I don’t know if he was being sarcastic or serious. His humor confuses me at times.

This is one of those things that I probably shouldn’t have purchased. I just thought it was cute but the truth is I have no use for it and now that I own it I really don’t see myself using it in the near future.

The handle is sort of worn but I really like this bag. It’s a clutch bag with a firm handle.

Other items you may fancy

This shop had a lot of good books and artwork which were two of there most redeeming qualities at the time that I visited.

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8/7/2010 Eatontown, NJ

The Maureen O’Brien Cats and Dogs Thrift Store
260 Wall Street
Eatontown, NJ 07724

What a cute thrift shop! The shop is small but very clean and well-organized. They have a great selection of books which all sell for $1.00. They also have lots of jewelry and home decor items. For such a small shop they have a lot to offer. Their prices are very affordable. It’s hard to go in and not find something to buy. What makes this shop even better is that all of the proceeds generated from sales go to helping the homeless animals at the SPCA shelter next door. What a good cause!

I paid $6.00 for the following items:

I am likely going to go back to school to major in administration so I definitely need to learn how to manage people. The JFK book is full of pictures of the day of his assassination and the 3 days that followed it. Jodie picked out the third book.

My JFK book came in handy when I went to the beach the next day!

I paid $3.00 for these shoes. I have plans for them.

A look inside:

Overall, a very lovely shop. A dollar spent there is a dollar that goes to the adorable cats, dogs, and bunnies in the shelter next door.

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July 31st New York, NY

Today’s thrifting experience was absolutely out of this world! I started the morning a bit angry because the night before I had planned this fun little play date with my 13-year-old niece. I got a text from her the next morning saying that she can’t go because she had to babysit. I was so upset I did what any mid-twenties girl would do–I cried.  After crying a bit I decided that the only thing that would cheer me up is going to  some thrift shops.

I used to work on 23rd street as a “market researcher” when I was in high school.  I remember strolling down 23rd street and visiting the 3 thrift shops that were close to my office of employment. After 8 years, I will now return to these thrift shops and leave with more gems than I can shake a thrifty stick at and  $112.42 less than  I had the day before.

Thrift shops of the day.

Housing Works Thrift Shop
The Salvation Army
Goodwill Thrift Shop

Housing Works Thrift Shop

Gramercy Location
157 East 23rd St.
New York, NY 1001

I seriously was about to walk right past this shop and head to the Goodwill and Salvation Army which are both about two blocks away. I stood outside looking at the window and then realized I had to at least be fair and blog about Housing Works since they have “thrift shop” in their name. As you can probably tell, I wasn’t on the best of terms with this thrift shop. On my last visit, 8 years ago, I was left with the impression that this place was over priced and a “fake” thrift shop. Well, my mind is 8-years-older and so is my bank account. Needless to say my opinion of this store has changed for the better.

Despite their fine selection of all things thrift, all I ended up purchasing was 3 VHS tapes to use when I babysit my 6-year-old- niece.  And an earring. Yes, 1 earring.

The total for the following items was 1.36 (incl tax):

This earring was found in a basket full of button pins. As I was looking through it I noticed that this was not a button pin but an earring! I paid $ .50 for it.

Unlike most thrift shops who charge $1.00 for VHS tapes, Housing Works only charges $.25 for each tape. Since I am fortunate to have 3 TVs with built-in VCRs I decided to buy these for when I am entertaining some of my  many young nieces.

There are a few things thrifters must realize when shopping at thrift stores on 23rd street: Things are generally priced more and you will find many designer clothing.
Not only is the stuff at Housing Works very affordable but they are choc full of designer clothing.

They have many affordable and fashionable items for under $30! Including shoes. Housing Works has a lovely selection of shoes. Some of their shoes are very worn while most are in like-new condition. They had two baskets full of brand new sandals.

Aside from their stellar shoe selection, Housing Works also has a diverse selection of purses.

Jeans, Blazers, Jackets, Pins, Earrings, Jewelry–Housing Works has it all!

Housing Works has many DVDs, Video Cassettes, CDs, and Books to choose from as well as Vinyl Records. What thrift shop would be complete without video cassettes,  vinyl records and books? These are three things people love to throw away.

Housing Works also has jewelry and home decor items including furniture, beautiful framed pictures, and , Bric-a-brac. Their furniture tends to be on the pricey side as it is very fine quality. I’d say you get your moneys worth.

I will definitely go back to Housing Works. They have many locations throughout NYC.

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The Salvation Army

212 East 23rd Street
New York, NY 10010

I remember this Salvation Army used to be two levels. The first level was a small room with furniture and paintings and the lower level housed all other items. They must have changed locations or did intense renovations because the store is now only one level (that I noticed)  and doesn’t contain much furniture.  Despite the pile of dirty used underwear, I managed to find some really great gems.

I spent a total of $34.75 at this store (inc tax) on the following items:

A biblical painting for $4.99.

This looks spiritual. $4.99.Bueno hand bag for $3.99

Striped “where’s Waldo?” turtleneck: $4.99.Banana Republic Pea Coat: $14.99

I really love the bag selection in this thrift shop. The majority of their bags are under $8.00.

The shoes weren’t so bad.

Decent clothing selection.

I really like their book selection. They have all kinds of books from all different genres.

A Stephen King collection!

“The Lightening Thief”

Tom Clancy

I didn’t see much furniture but they did have a  lot of T.V’s and a few nice home decor items.

This place is a good stop for bags, clothing, and plates. I wouldn’t go here for furniture because there isn’t much of a selection.

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220 East 23rd Street
New York, NY 10010

“I came here on the right day.” I kept repeating this to myself as I checked out rack upon rack of items. On this particular Saturday the ENTIRE store was %50 off. I was like a kid in the candy store.

After spending about 20 minutes in the dressing room trying on different items, I settled on the following 14 items spending a total of $76.31 (tax incl) :*all prices reflect %50 discount*

Abercrombie & Fitch fall jacket: $12.49

Two summer dresses. $2.99 (beige) and $4.99 (pink).

This outfit didn’t cost a cent over $13.00 necklace included. The dress is from H&M.

Banana Republic wool hoodie: $4.99.

Purple Sweater : $6.49.

Two summer dresses by H&M. $2.99 each.

I love costume jewelry!

As you can see by my purchases, I went a bit thrift crazy! The store was full of young woman of varying styles all filling up their baskets with items. It kind of felt like we were in on a secret that many people didn’t know about. This goodwill has tons of like-new and new items for low prices.

Even the display mannequins were dressed hip!

More of their eclectic clothing selections:

They had a lot of bags to choose from but the bag selection wasn’t as good as the Salvation  Army next door. They are going to be having a bag sale for the more pricey bags that they put in the store window.

This bag was around $120. I am not sure the name brand.These are some of the bags you may find inside the store:

There isn’t much furniture to choose from in this store. There is, however, a lot of shoes!

Platform snowboots? Now you know you’re a fashionista.

Here are some other items that I took a fancy to:

Words of wisdom:

After shopping at the thrift shops on 23rd street I realize just how mediocre many thrift shops are. These are some of the best thrift shops I have ever been to in terms of clothing. If you are in NYC make it your business to check these shops out. You won’t be disappointed.

Of course every rigorous thrifting experience should end in a nice meal. Today’s meal was a Chipotle barbacoa burrito bowl. YUMMY!

There’s meat somewhere in there.  .  .

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Hello thrifters!

Good news! I finally got a new camera which means any blurry pictures I take from now on can be attributed to shoddy camera work rather than a shoddy camera.

I have a big update coming up very soon with my finds at 3 different thrift shops on  23rd street in New York, NY.  Stay tuned!

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  • I am sure you have realized that many of the images on this blog are blurry. There are two reasons for that:  1-My current digital camera is on life support. 2-I typically do not use the flash when I am taking pictures inside the stores as I try to remain as inconspicuous as possible. Fear not my friends. I am shopping around for a new digital camera.
  • If you like this blog please subscribe so that you will be notified of all updates. You can find the email subscription link on the right side of the screen.
  • Happy thrifting!
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7/17/2010 Bloomingdale, NJ

Sandi’s Consignment Shoppe

25 Main St
Bloomingdale, NJ 07403

This consignment boutique has easily become one of my favorite thrift shops to visit when I am in New Jersey. I can tell that the workers here only accept the finest items to sell in their store because one look inside and you can’t help but go deeper into the store to see what else Sandi has to offer. Half of her items are brand new so this place makes an excellent stop to buy affordable gifts for people.

I frequently go here to purchase gifts for others. There is also a very kind lady behind the counter who gift wraps BEAUTIFULLY. If you tell her the item you are purchasing is a gift she will allow you to select a wrapping paper and go to town wrapping your item. she even fashions it with a bow.

These items would make great gifts!

I usually go here and spend more than I had hoped due to their fine selection of toys, paintings, home decor items, ETC.  Today I played it safe. I only purchased a brand new game of Super Scrabble for $16.00.

I searched for the original price of it online and could not find it cheaper than $24.00 and that’s not including shipping and handling. Some websites are even selling this game for $35.00 so I got a huge discount by going to Sandi’s.

This game actually came in handy because that very night I attended a birthday party and bought this game along. Fun times were had by all!

Aside from Scrabble, there were a number of other brand new board games (Clue, Monopoly, & Pente)

I was contemplating getting this weight set to help me on my fitness journey but seeing as how Steve wasn’t with me to carry it out the car, I decided not to. The weight set costs $24.00 and just might still be there if anyone is interested.

Some people may feel that Sandi’s is too pricey for a thrift shop but I feel that their prices fit what they are selling. They sell items in like-new and brand-new condition so it’s only fair that their prices are a bit higher than what many thrifters are used to. I always go in there with the intention of just buying a few items but once I left with a receipt for $90 dollars spent!

Their clothing is not what attracts me to Sandi’s, although they usually have %50 off ticket sales, I am attracted to their gift items and bric-a-brac.

This is a nice hoodie:

A cute purse.

Warm and fuzzy:

They also have a great selection of wall art. I didn’t take as much pictures as I would have liked to. These pictures don’t do their selection justice. Behind the counter you will find a beautiful selection of pictures.

They have a superb collection of books and magazines. I have bought many books from here that have been in like-new condition.

I was surprised to find the Twilight series! This would have made an excellent gift.

Their toy selection is the best I’ve ever seen. I do most of my gift shopping for my younger nieces here as they always have brand-new toys to choose from at prices much more affordable than market value.

If you are in the northern New Jersey area, I highly recommend going to Sandi’s Consignment Shoppe. Tell them the Thristy Thrifter sent ya! (not really but it felt nice to say that)

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